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Killing Of 300 Christians in 200 Days in Southern Kaduna



*Intersociety writes IG calls for transfer of CP, Umar Musa Muri, overhauling of Kaduna State Police Command
The Int’l Society for Civil Liberties & Rule of Law (Intersociety) has strongly called on the authorities of the Nigeria Police Force High Command led by IGP Mohammed Adamu Abubakar to urgently rise to the occasion by urgently drafting secularly composed special police detachments to Southern Kaduna especially in the Christian dominated areas of the State so as to secure and protect the endangered Christian populations or communities in the State who are now massacred at will on daily basis by the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen and their affiliated Jihadist groups operating under different names and covers across the State. Intersociety is also throwing its weight behind the peaceful protest scheduled for today (23rd July 2020) in Abuja by the victim Christian communities and indigenous associations in Southern Kaduna.
The call was strongly made in a legally and strongly worded letter to the IGP, dated today, July 22, 2020, which has since been electronically delivered. The Letter, signed byIntersociety’s four principal officers: Emeka Umeagbalasi (Criminologist & Graduate of Security Studies), Board Chair, Barr Damaris Amaka Onuoha, Head of Campaign & Publicity, Barr Uju Igboeli, Head of Civil Liberties & Rule of Law and Barr Ndidiamaka Bernard, Head of Int’l Justice & Human Rights, also called on the Nigeria Police High Command under the IGP to secure and protect Nigerians secularly and without bias or soft spot for any ethnic or religious grouping. The IGP was also strongly urged to detect and end the perceived raging conspiratorial fraternity or “brothers at jihad” among the drafted security and law enforcement agencies in Kaduna State.
Such special police detachments under our demand must particularly be dominated by secularly composed experienced and well trained policing intelligence personnel or detectives from the Force Intelligence and Criminal Investigation (F-CID) as well as anti terrorism and special operations squads drawn from the High Command’s Department of Operations. Their composition must exclude the personnel of the Mobile Police (MPF) who have become ‘a doyen of corruption and incompetence’ within the Nigeria Police Force.
It is also our call that the Kaduna State Police Command should totally be overhauled and secularly re-composed including immediate removal and transfer of the State Commissioner of Police, Umar Musa Muri and reorganization of the Operations and the intelligence or detective departments of the State Police Command. This is because there seems to be conspiratorial fraternity or “brothers at jihad” between non state actor perpetrators responsible for the ceaseless butcheries in the State and Muslim dominated state actor security chiefs and field law enforcement personnel including military officers and their field combatants.
These have led to incessancy of ‘medicine-after-death’ security approaches and highly biased protection and response ratios allocated to the perpetrator-groups and the victim communities. The biased disposition of the drafted security forces including the Kaduna State Police Command has become so pronounced that even when the victim-communities or groups address the media and reel out irrefutable statistics of attacks against them, the State Police Command which failed woefully to prevent the attacks or arrest and punish the attackers, will turn around to threaten the victim groups and label their reeled out statistics as “fake news”.
Realistically speaking, the Nigerian security forces and NPF led law enforcement agencies are far from being neutral and secularly disposed in their responses (if any) to the ongoing anti Christian butcheries in Southern Kaduna; to the extent that several reports and credible accusations abound saying that at harmless protests by the victim groups against incessant massacre of their fellow Christian natives and destruction or burning of their properties including worship and learning centers, the security forces and law enforcement officers will open fire on them with live bullets-while turning blind eyes on the perpetrator groups.
Apart from several eyewitnesses accounts accusing the Jihadist Herdsmen attackers of dressing in military uniforms during such butcheries, eyewitnesses and survivors have also alleged severally of “seeing military personnel taking sides including shielding the attackers to safety” and arriving the scenes of the butcheries hours after they are perpetrated. Sometimes, if not in many occasions, they are accused of turning their weapons and bestiality against the victim groups or communities. It is therefore part of our call that the NPF High Command should use field and ICT intelligence to monitor the alleged nefarious conducts of the military officers and personnel stationed (if any) in the troubled areas.
The IGP was also reminded that our letter to him and the NPF High Command is in line with the stipulations and directions of Nigeria’s body of laws especially the 1999 Constitution as well as principles of the country’s pluralistic democratic process.  He was further reminded that the Nigeria Police Force is not created to serve the interest of a particular religion such as Islam or Christianity or Jihadism in Islam; or ethnic group such as Hausa-Fulani or Igbo or Yoruba, etc. The NPF is secularly created and entrusted with policing the country’s pluralistic democratic process including religious freedoms and tolerance.
Under Nigeria’s pluralistic democratic process, NPF is the ‘General Overseer’ of the country’s internal security while the Armed Forces serve as ‘allowed interloper’  strictly restricted to defense of territory in situations of intra and interstate armed conflicts. The NPF is also totally forbidden from recognizing in principle or in practice any religion as ‘a state religion’. This is according to Section 10 of the Constitution. Section 38 of the Constitution further guarantees the citizens’ rights to freedom of religion, conscience and thought while Section 42 forbids discrimination on the grounds of tribe or religion, etc. Section 14 (2) (b) of the Constitution and Section 4 of the Nigeria Police Act firmly direct the NPF to ensure security of the citizens and protection of lives and properties.
620 Christian Lives Lost In 18 Months and 20 Days

In Southern Kaduna: It is shocking to note that in the 565 days gone by or 1st Jan 2019 to 20th July 2020 (18 months and twenty days), Southern Kaduna had lost not less than 620 Christians; involving: 320 lives lost in 2019 and 300 lost in the past 200 days of 2020 or 1st Jan to 20th July 2020. In 2019, the Adara Community and environs alone lost 240 lives and other parts of Southern Kaduna no fewer than 80; and in the past 200 days of this year (1st Jan to 20thJuly 2020), same Adara and environs located in Kajuru Local Government Area has lost 152 lives and the rest parts of Southern Kaduna 148 lives. With the current rate of anti Christian butcheries going on in the State with the central Government of Nigeria and its security forces and law enforcement agencies doing little or nothing, the Christian populations in the State are at high risk of being completely wiped out in coming few years.
300 Christians Killed In Southern Kaduna in 200 Days

Southern Kaduna has lost no fewer than 300 defenseless Christians in first 200 days of 2020 or 1st Jan to July 20, 2020. Out of this figure, Adara Community and environs in Kajuru Local Government Area was visited with 152 Christian deaths while remaining parts of Southern Kaduna took 148 deaths. In the past twenty days or July 1 to July 20, 2020, Southern Kaduna has further lost 107, if not 139 Christian lives to Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen attacks or violence. That is to further say that the total Christian casualties from Jihadist Herdsmen killings across Nigeria including Southern Kaduna, Benue and Plateau States and Igbo Land in the past 200 days or 1st Jan to 20th July 2020 have risen to 926 deaths; out of which Southern Kaduna lost minimum of 300 and the rest of the country 626 killings or Christian deaths.
139 Christian Deaths In Southern Kaduna In 20 Days Of July If The Abducted Are Presumed Dead: Till date, too, the whereabouts of the 32 Christians mostly men and others abducted by the invading Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen on 16th July 2020 in Mai-ido and other neighboring villages in Kachia Local Government Area of Kaduna State have remained unknown, raising strong fears of their possible death in the Jihadist Herdsmen’s captivity. Names of the four defenseless Christians slaughtered in the attack are Samaila Bulus, Danjuma Bala, Christopher Bawa Ayuba and Sunday Rabo Barga.

Among the abducted 32 Christians now presumed killed in the Jihadist Herdsmen’s captivity or unlawful custody are: Joseph Na’Allah, Buhari Maidawa, Abigail Buhari, John Rai Bako, David Tambaya, Ishaya Gabriel, Micah Gabriel, Anthony Gabriel, Irimiya Luka, Bala Mallam, Sabo Luka, John Gaiya, Ishaku Lazarus, Godwin Sunday, Ishaku Elisha, Anthony Rabo, Joel Elisha, Maisaje Aburon, Kasuwa Aburon, Musa Maichibi, Kefas Ishaya and Danjuma Buhari; totaling 22 in number. With this, it may be correct to say that the total number of defenseless Christians killed by the Jihadist Herdsmen in Southern Kaduna in the first 20 days of July (1st -20th July) 2020 is 139 and 332 in 200 days of the year or 1st Jan to 20thJuly 2020.

Note: The attached photo was taken from the funeral site of 19th July 2020 anti Christian massacre in Kukum Daji, Kagoro under Kaura Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
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Abortion advocates, Bill and Melinda Gates




Abortion, by whatever name called, is illegal in Nigeria, writes Sonnie Ekwowusi

Remember Ms. Margaret Louise Sanger (1879-1966), founder of Planned Parenthood of America? Remember Sanger’s racist philosophy of exterminating the black population through imposed legal abortion, contraceptives and sterilization of black women? If your answers to the above queries are in the affirmative, you will probably recall also that Sanger’s racist philosophy inspired Adolf Hitler in his view of eugenics and murdering of the “socially undesirable people”. Except that while Hitler committed his havoc against European Jews and others in the Nazi regime, Sanger directed her Planned Parenthood of America specifically to the extermination of Afro-Americans through forced abortion and sterilization of black American women.

I have met Alveda C. King, niece of civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. several times in the U.S. On one occasion I met her at a coffee shop in New York City. In fact, she invited some of us who had attended a conference in New York City to have a taste of New York City coffee. On learning I was a Nigerian, she turned to me and said, “Don’t let what happened to us happen to you”. By “us” she meant the Afro-Americans. And by “you”, she meant Nigerians.

The infanticide in the U.S. otherwise called the black genocide is aimed at the elimination of Afro-Americans. For example, the No. one abortion clinic in New York City is called Dr. Emily’s Women Health Centre. This clinic is situate right in the black neighbourhood in the Bronx, NY 10455. It is a clinic that specializes in killing the babies of Afro-Americans and black American girls. I have been to this clinic a few times. Whenever I am in New York City and have some free time I do not hesitate to go to this clinic to campaign against the murder of defenseless babies. Every day especially on weekends Afro-American girls and other black girls including some Nigerian girls are seen pouring in uncontrollably like water into this clinic to have their babies killed through abortion and painful abortificient injections.

Undoubtedly the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is continuing where Margaret Sanger stopped in the elimination of the so-called “socially undesirable people” who, in its “wisdom”, are unfit to live. From Microsoft business Bill Gates has moved into the abortion contraception and eugenic business. Even Bill Gates’ dad, William Henry Gates II, better known as Bill Gates Sr., was on the board of abortion promoting giant called Planned Parenthood of America before the popular case of Roe V Wade which legalized abortion in the U.S was decided. It appears as if abortion runs in the DNA of the Gates family. By the way, I want you to google, “Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto”. If you do, you will listen to Vandana Shiva, 1993 Nobel laureate, environmental activist and author of Oneness Vs The 1%, explain to you the “nefarious strategy” of Bill Gates to destroy agriculture and agricultural yields in Africa. She said that her aforesaid new book contains avalanche of evidence substantiating Bill Gates’ destructive impact in Africa. Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus and the raging controversy about Fauci-Gates Moderna Vaccine-mRNA-1273 and all that, Bill Gates had viva voce admitted both in his action and words that he is on a mission to reduce the African population. For example, in his article entitled: Did Bill Gates Admit Vaccination are Designed so Governments can depopulate the World and written as far back as 10th March 2017, Alex Kasprak, who in fact is defender of Bill Gates, clearly admitted in his said article that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates advocate that pregnant mothers can kill any “unwanted baby” in their wombs through the process of medical abortion or contraception in order to limit the number of babies mothers could have and so doing depopulate the world. According to Bill Gates:” When a mother can choose how many children to have, her children are healthier, they’re better nourished, their mental capacities are higher — and parents have more time and money to spend on each child’s health and schooling. That’s how families and countries get out of poverty”. At an international Family Planning Summit co-hosted by the British government with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.N. Population Fund in London on July 11 2017, Melinda Gates told the summit that birth control and abortion empower women, and that she was “deeply troubled” by U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw funding for abortion and birth control in Africa.

In Nigeria, under the cover of “family planning” conference, Bill and Melinda Gates have been mounting pressure on the Nigerian government to encourage pregnant Nigerian women to kill their babies either through abortion, abortificients and sterilization of women. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is the truth. If you are in doubt you may google, “Bill Gates, Vaccines, abortion and population control in Nigeria” to ascertain the veracity of my assertion. You see, a lot of people are yet to understand that the over-bandied phrase, “family planning” or “family planning services” is a euphemism or dodgy phrase for abortion. Bill Gates and others are hiding under it to promote their abortion atrocities. Because the word “abortion” is repugnant in Nigerian socio-cultural and religious setting, Bill Gates and his cohorts have resorted to using euphemisms and dodgy words such as “family planning” or “family planning services” in order to avoid incurring the wrath of the Nigerian people. What is most incomprehensible is that abortion, abortificient, sterilization of women are illegal in Nigeria yet Bill Gates and others are habitually violating these laws. More importantly, the consensus reached at the various United Nations Conferences, is that the law passed in every developing country including Nigeria must reflect the diverse social, economic and environmental conditions of that country, with full respect for their religious, cultural backgrounds and philosophical convictions. With the greatest respect, I think it is improper for Bill Gates to violate Nigerian laws and begin to impose abortion on Nigerian girls all in the name of population control. Can multi-billionaire Aliko Dangote dare violate any American law and get away with it? Can he dictate to American families the number of children they should have in the name of population control? No. So, why is Bill Gates violating our laws and getting it away with it? Why is he dictating to Nigerian families to reduce the size of their families?


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